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Hamid Mahmood

Digital Consultant, CEO & Founder Top Ranked Digital Agencies, like HTML Pro, Ecom Development NYC, & Software Pro. Holding the #3 spot at, I bring a practical Seven-Figure Agency Mindset to help you achieve lasting success.

Beyond agencies, I’ve launched ventures like ETTVI, a digital marketing tool, and co-founded Ecommerce Pro, a global e-learning platform. Recently, I introduced Ethical Pro, a platform promoting ethical values in organizations globally.

Over the last ten years, my focus has been on building robust delivery infrastructures for numerous agencies, e-commerce stores, and large corporations. The result? A significant surge in revenue streams – a staggering 10X – and the successful stabilization of offshore operations.

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Architected Top Ranked Global Agencies

Software Pro

Explore Software Pro’s remarkable achievements and industry accolades, a testament to its excellence in the ever-evolving tech landscape.
Top IT Services Companies

Yahoo — DesignRush, Software Pro ranks among the industry's Top IT Services Companies.

Top 100 Mobile App Developers

Applauded by Top Design Firms, Software Pro claims a spot among the top 100 Mobile App Developers in New York.

Top Software Development Companies in November 2023

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Top 20 Software Development & Software Testing Companies in June 2023

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Top 10 NFT Marketplace Development Companies in USA

Recognized by Outlook India, Software Pro is acknowledged as a leading NFT Marketplace Development Company in the USA.

Top Web Development Companies in New York

Konigle features Software Pro among the top 15+ Web Development Companies in New York for the year 2023.

Top 30 Software Development Companies in New York

TheManifest spotlights Software Pro in the top 30 Software Development Companies in New York.

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Top 10 Cybersecurity Companies in 2023

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50 New York Software Development Companies

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Top 100 React.JS Development Companies Globally in 2023

Software Pro earns a spot in DesignRush's list of the Top 100 React.JS Development Companies Globally.

Software Pro Makes Significant Leap in Industry Rankings

DesignRush recognizes Software Pro's outstanding progress, naming it the #14 Top Software Development and Testing Company.

Ecom Development NYC

Discover the notable achievements and industry recognitions that solidify Ecom Development NYC’s position as a leading force.
Top 10 Digital Agencies in June 2023

Yahoo — DesignRush features Ecom Development NYC, ranking it among the Top 10 Digital Agencies.

Top 50 Email Marketing Companies in the USA

DesignRush recognizes Ecom Development NYC in the Top 50 Email Marketing Companies in the USA.

Top 10 Software Companies in New York in 2023

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Top 100 E-Commerce Development Companies

Clutch features Ecom Development NYC in Top 100 eCommerce Development Companies.

Top 50+ Shopify Development Companies

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Top 30 Web Development Companies in June 2023

DesignRush recognizes Ecom Development NYC among the Top 30 Web Development Companies.

Top 10 Ecommerce Marketing Agencies

Vendry highlights Ecom Development NYC among the Top 10 eCommerce Marketing Agencies.

Top 20 Web Development Companies in 2023

Yahoo — DesignRush features Ecom Development NYC among the Top 20 Web Development Companies.

Top 30 Best BigCommerce Development Companies in the World

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The 10 Best Prestashop Development Companies in New York

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Top Drupal Development Agencies in New York in 2023

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Top Shopify Development Companies in New York, NY

UpCity ranks Ecom Development NYC among the Top Shopify Development Companies in New York, NY.

Top New York eCommerce Development Companies

DesignRush features Ecom Development NYC among the Top eCommerce Development Companies in New York.

Decade of Excellence

10x Revenue,
Peerless Success,
Global Leadership,

Software Pro

Professional Software Developers Sourcing Word-Class Technology Solutions


NYC's Top IT Solutions, Web Design & Digital Marketing Ageny


Leading WooCommerce development agency in New York


Advanced SEO Toolkit Built By Marketers, For Marketers!


Connecting top and certified scholars to hire at affordable hourly costs


Leading e-learning platform offering a wide range of online Ecommerce courses


International Business, E-commerce & Immigration Law Firm


Digital Agency specialized in transforming online presence of businesses

Don’t just dream of a 7-figure business;
make it your reality.

A World-class Leader

As the founder and CEO of prominent digital agencies, Hamid consistently claims a spot in the top 5 of international standings, showcasing his peerless leadership.

Tech Hero Recognition

Top 100 Tech Hero Award in Pakistan

Earned the Top 100 Tech Hero Award in Pakistan for his significant contributions to the country’s tech sector.

Innovation in SEO

Arfa Karim Tech Award

Received the Arfa Karim Tech Award for his pioneering efforts with Ettvi, an Advanced SEO Toolkit essential for website optimization.

Hamid's Expertise Knows
No Bounds

He transforms organizations, mentors digital agencies, and guides traditional businesses in their digital metamorphosis.

His impact is felt through partnerships with over 100 digital agencies in North America, spearheading over 2000 projects

…and leaving an indelible mark on the digital and software development landscape.
Unparalleled Impact

Transforming Visions into Digital Realities

…And that’s not it

Hamid brought eCommerce to A Whole New Level

Now It’s Your Turn To Shine

Beyond his achievements,

Hamid’s commitment to mentorship at platforms like Indywise and Della Leaders Club unveils a broader vision for the future of the IT industry.

His voluntary efforts underscore a dedication to nurturing talent and molding the next generation of IT professionals.

Not Only a Successful Leader But…

A seasoned author

He recently published his latest literary gem, “7 Figure Agency Mindset A-Z”. A beacon for those navigating the entrepreneurial landscape.

Take advantage of the ultimate guide that reveals the A-Z of the Seven-Figure Agency Mindset.

This comprehensive resource unveils the precise steps, strategies, and mindset shifts that would propel you from frustration to a 7 figure agency.

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Driving Impact Across Industries

Collaborating worldwide, I’ve been fortunate to contribute to success stories across North America, the Middle East, Europe, and South Asia, bringing a wealth of insights to each unique venture.

Digital Transformation & Marketing

I've been a dedicated partner for 100+ agencies in North America, delivering over 2000 projects. With a global reach, I've set up complete development teams in 7+ IT facilities worldwide and branded top agencies like Ci3 and Shopify Pro as industry leaders. I've implemented robust frameworks, including KPIs, training modules, and workflow automation. Additionally, I've established QA teams, maintained quality standards, and set up off-shore and local teams across three continents, ensuring collaborative success for digital agencies.


I've helped design professional dental healthcare sites, managed newsletters, and set up sales funnels to improve lead generation and patient flows. I've also handled PPC and Facebook Ads, including retargeting efforts. Beyond that, I've contributed to the digital automation of healthcare operations and developed Healthcare ERP systems. On a global scale, I've supported the setup of medical billing systems in Pakistan for large US healthcare facilities. Additionally, I've been involved in marketing and PR for healthcare facilities in North America and the Middle East.


I've supported over 15 platforms, including Wix, Shopify, Magento, and WooCommerce. With expertise in designing 1500+ sites and user experiences for over a hundred brands, I've been a trusted partner for top names like Wix. Notable achievements include a 340% increase in revenues through conversion funnel setups and securing top 10 rankings for niche keywords. I've managed teams for global E-Commerce brands, integrated and customized features for small websites, and provided support for over 15 Content Management Systems, showcasing ongoing dedication to E-Commerce excellence.

Finance & Real Estate

I've automated workflows and executed bots for the stock industry, optimized loan processes, and contributed to the marketing efforts of loan and finance processing companies. My expertise extends to managing complex algorithms for loan rate calculations and execution, utilizing Laravel for seamless backend operations. In Real Estate, I've supported the setup of Airbnb-type marketplace apps, implemented effective marketing strategies, and managed large property listings to boost overall real estate practices and market presence.

Achievements & Awards

Recognized Digital Entrepreneur and Speaker by

Scale Your Business Nationally & Internationally to Seven Figures in $$!

I believes that a minimum of 20,000 entrepreneurs making up seven figures in $$ in export services annually would yield a revenue of $20B annually, essentially easing up financial issues in Pakistan and pay debts and prosperity.

What Clients Are Saying

I had a chance to sit and discuss business with Mr. Hamid and I would love to recommend him because he is a very organized, ambitious and details oriented person. Hamid has very good interpersonal and intrapersonal skills. His confidence, ambitions, knowledge and skillfulness all contribute nicely to his unique characteristics and professionalism. Beside all this he is very friendly and cooperative person who love to help and guide other’s.
Hammad Ali
CEO – Kodex Technologies
I have the pleasure of working with Hamid at DMV, he is a true professional who always keeps himself abreast of cutting edge technologies. His greatest asset is his resilience as I have seen him always smiling. He is a strategic and forward-thinking IT professional with a great can-do attitude. Hamid is a great team player and fun to work with.
Naeem Khan
Cyber Security Professional
Hamid is a highly professional and hardworking entrepreneur with efficient skills. He has the charisma that could sell ice cubes to Eskimos and He has a level of expertise that makes his team envious. He is technically astute and has the skills to work through business processes, identify multiple approaches to resolving them, and delivering the solution is unparalleled.
Areeba Shahzad
Product UI Designer
Mr. Hamid is a motivated, hard-working, and intelligent CEO who is expert in his area. A broad-minded CEO, who welcomes change and motivates to do better every day. His exceptional set of skills, ingenuity, and integrity made the project a dream. Mr. Hamid leads by example, and many people in the workplace find his enthusiasm and dedication, both inspiring and motivating. I am lucky to work for such personnel.
Awais A.
Senior Business Development Manager
Hamid is exceptionally focused individual with great listening skills. He is methodical in his approach to understand, document and analyze business processes and recommending IT solutions. It was a delight working with him in Ovex technologies. he has the utmost respect from anyone that works with him because of the integrity that is characteristic of Hamid.
Aamir Shah
Co-founder at Soft Skills Foundation
Hamid is great at entrepreneurial consultation. An expert entrepreneur with three agencies under his belt. Highly knowledgeable and absolutely recommended.
Haziqa Sajid
Data Scientist

Connecting Minds, Transforming Lives

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95% of Executives & CEOs believe that digital transformation impacts everything about their business, but less than 20% are executing on a digital strategy while only 5% know how to do it correctly
Hamid Mahmood
Certified Digital Marketing Strategy Expert from Harvard