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About Me


Hamid is a Digital Consultant, CEO & Founder Top Ranked Digital Agencies, HTMLPro, Ecom Development NYC, & Software Pro. He is also founder of a world-class digital marketing tool, and co-founder Ecommerce Pro, a professional e-learning platform to promote Ecommerce Skills across the globe! He also recently founded a platform Ethical Pro, to promote ethical values in organizations
Since one decade, Hamid has been setting up delivery infras for hundreds of agencies, ecom stores, & large corporations, leading into 10X rev streams & stabilized operations offshore. Hamid is a Mentor @ Platforms like Indywise & Della Leaders Club, & voluntarily helps students, freelancers & young entrepreneurs for a successful roadmap in their career.

Hamid Qualifications Are Strewn Across the Board From Web Certification, Accounting & Business Strategy

MBA in Leadership & Management + completed digital and marketing certifications over the years.

Achievements in Major Industries

Digital Transformation & Marketing

E-Commerce Industry


Finance & Real Estate

Over the Last 15+ Years, Hamid Has Consulted and Advised Over 1,00 of Companies, Brands, and Start-ups.

Hamid works with clients on multiple platforms and is connected in the IT industry for startups, ecommerce and digital transformation success for large enterprises. He has worked with clients across the globe in multiple regions including North America, Middle East, Europe, South Asia

Business development Strategy & Consultancy

Organizational Revenue Growth

Project Management

Online / Digital Marketing

Customer Services and Back-office Set-ups & execution

Reputation Management

Corporate Identity Solutions

Automated Lead Generation

Budgeting and leadership

Extensive entrepreneurship

Web Design & Branding

Digital transformation

Automation of workflows

Accounting & Management

Software Development Flows

Software Development Teams Coaching

UX / UI Strategy Development

Ecommerce Development and Growth

Evaluation Abilities and Project Appraisals

Online Marketing Funnel

Worked with clients across the globe including.

Achievements & Awards

Recognized Digital Entrepreneur and Speaker by

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Partnerships & Ventures

Hamid has worked with the executives of over 10 diverse organisations in the last few years in order to improve success. His responsibilities cast a wide-net covering the image of the company operations; including setting up process flows, automation and rendering training to staff, including overseeing the managerial hierarchies.

What Clients Are Saying

I had a chance to sit and discuss business with Mr. Hamid and I would love to recommend him because he is a very organized, ambitious and details oriented person. Hamid has very good interpersonal and intrapersonal skills. His confidence, ambitions, knowledge and skillfulness all contribute nicely to his unique characteristics and professionalism. Beside all this he is very friendly and cooperative person who love to help and guide other's.

Hammad Ali CEO - Kodex Technologies

Mr. Hamid is a motivated, hard-working, and intelligent CEO who is expert in his area. A broad-minded CEO, who welcomes change and motivates to do better every day. His exceptional set of skills, ingenuity, and integrity made the project a dream. Mr. Hamid leads by example, and many people in the workplace find his enthusiasm and dedication, both inspiring and motivating. I am lucky to work for such personnel.

Awais A. Senior Business Development Manager

I have the pleasure of working with Hamid at DMV, he is a true professional who always keeps himself abreast of cutting edge technologies. His greatest asset is his resilience as I have seen him always smiling. He is a strategic and forward-thinking IT professional with a great can-do attitude. Hamid is a great team player and fun to work with.

Naeem Khan Cyber Security Professional

Hamid is exceptionally focused individual with great listening skills. He is methodical in his approach to understand, document and analyze business processes and recommending IT solutions. It was a delight working with him in Ovex technologies. he has the utmost respect from anyone that works with him because of the integrity that is characteristic of Hamid.

Aamir Shah Co-founder at Soft Skills Foundation

Hamid is very passionate and has a great vision for his work. His focus keeps everything moving smoothly, he makes sure all the deadlines are met and makes sure that whatever project he is working on meets the highest standards. He is highly creative and a very easy-going person to work with. He is an extremely valuable person to have in your network.

Khurram Asif Experienced Organizational Development

Hamid is great at entrepreneurial consultation. An expert entrepreneur with three agencies under his belt. Highly knowledgeable and absolutely recommended.

Haziqa Sajid Data Scientist

Hamid is a highly professional and hardworking entrepreneur with efficient skills. He has the charisma that could sell ice cubes to Eskimos and He has a level of expertise that makes his team envious. He is technically astute and has the skills to work through business processes, identify multiple approaches to resolving them, and delivering the solution is unparalleled.

Areeba Shahzad Product UI Designer