Major Projects Worked Around The Globe In Digital And Software Development

Major Projects

Hamid is Co-founder at NYC's Top Ten Digital Agencies

He has launched offshore & local teams setup across 3 continents and rated as top ten in the region, launched the start-ups which setup conversion funnels for up to 341% increase in revenues for top e-commerce brands & have 5000 plus clients globally.

Launched Offshore
& Local Teams

Setup across 3 continents and
rated as top ten in the region.


Setup Conversion Funnels for
up to 341% increase in revenues


5000 plus
clients globally

Successful Projects delivered in North America

Successful Digital And Software Development Projects Consulted In Middle East

Partnerships & Ventures

Hamid has worked with the executives of over 10 diverse organisations in the last few years in order to improve success. His responsibilities cast a wide-net covering the image of the company operations; including setting up process flows, automation and rendering training to staff, including overseeing the managerial hierarchies.
95% of Executives & CEOs believe that digital transformation impacts everything about their business, but less than 20% are executing on a digital strategy while only 5% know how to do it correctly
Hamid Mahmood
Certified Digital Marketing Strategy Expert from Harvard